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We provide A Java Class app on the Android and iPhone/iPad platforms, intended to help with Java and Spring certification.

The app features:
- A reference section with some articles explaining the Java basics and a list including details for 25 commonly used Java classes
- Customizable tests on Java: more than 500 multiple choice questions on Java and 50 multiple choice questions on Spring.
- Instant feedback after answering a question incorrectly
- Easy browsing of all questions
- History keeping of tests taken
- Statistics keeping and fun award attribution when certain goals are met, such as answering a number of questions correctly

This app is very useful to people preparing for the Spring certification exam, as this exam can be simulated to some extent with this app, and to people preparing for Java certification.

If you have an iPhone or Ipad, download the Java Class app on the AppStore.
If you have an Android device, download the free Java Class Lite app, or the paid Java Class app, which adds more questions, awards, and the Spring and Android development topics, together with disabling all ads.